Welcome to ScamSites.com, where we research potential scams so you don’t have to. Our goal here is to answer the question “Is this legit, or is it a scam?” In our research, we make good effort to thoroughly vet companies and their business models through a wide variety of online resources and personal experiences.

While doing our research, we try to put yourselves in your shoes. In doing so, we look for two things. The first is the facts. What is the business model? How does it work? How well does it run? Who does it benefit? The second is the voice of public opinion.

In order to achieve this, each review is broken down into 8 parts:

  1. About
    • A brief bio about the company.
  2. How Does It Work?
    • A brief summary on the company’s business model and how the company operates.
  3. Cost/Price Plans
    • Typical monetary costs of being involved with the company.
  4. Refund Policy
    • The company’s refund policy. We feel that this information is important for all consumers to have and will provide this information or its location whenever available.
  5. Customer Service Contact Info
    • The company’s customer service contact information. Like the refund policy, we feel that this information is key and should be readily available to every consumer.
  6. Reputation
    • A brief analysis of the company’s online reputation. We work very hard to avoid considering reviews that are irrelevant to the business model or may come from company employees or competition.
  7. Common Complaints
    • A list of the most common complaints found during our investigation.
  8. Editor’s Opinion
    • The author’s personal opinion, based on the overall research.

Each review also contains a “Final Verdict” – typically a one-liner for the author that summarizes their overall findings.

Our reviews are then based on how it works, the cost, the refund policy, and the reputation. These are typically the areas that separate a scam from a legitimate company. We invite you to leave a review based on your personal experience as well, using the same four categories along with any details you wish to add. The more data we can collect, the more we can help you and others avoid any potential scams.


The ScamSites.com Team