In this video, self-proclaimed “scam-buster” Ethan Vanderbuilt discusses why he believes you don’t find many MLM complaints. I’ve never been a fan of MLMs myself, and at ScamSites we put a lot of weight into profitability (for individuals towards the bottom of the ladder – not the guys high in the corporate tower) when reviewing MLMs.

I do, however, have a friend whose parents made a great deal of money through an MLM – I believe they got in on the ground floor of Usana. They’re nice, hardworking people who live comfortably as a result of their efforts. And they have some of the coolest toys.

So I guess you could say that I have a mixed perspective on the matter, which is why I’ve refrained from reviewing Usana personally. If someone out there would like to contribute by offering up an impartial review, I’d be grateful.

Now, on to Ethan Vanderbuilt!

Now that you’ve finished watching this scam-buster in action, I want to know what YOU think. Are MLM participants doomed from the start, as Vanderbuilt claims? Or is it possible to make good money as a result of determination and hard work? Is shame what prevents people from speaking up? Or are there other factors at play?