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In short, I would avoid joining Ripoff Report completely. Its paid services only serve to undo the damage that they are responsible for in the first place. The majority of reviews on this site are biased and untruthful. If you wish to read accurate and honest reviews, please visit a more reliable consumer advocacy site or simply talk to individuals who have done business with the company already.

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Yelp is the go-to for many searchers who have had good experiences with Yelp reviews and who find the site trustworthy. However, it is troubling to hear about accounts of customers threatening business owners with bad Yelp reviews if they do not give them freebies or extra service. It is the nature of the reviews business, though. Unfortunately, it’s fairly accurate to call Yelp a scam. There’s no doubt that Yelp does need to fix its algorithm and explain how it works. Too many legitimate reviews get discounted.

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While Reviewopedia was originally created to sell work-from-home courses and job opportunities, the site has been taken over by businesses from different industries as well. You have nothing to lose by signing up for Reviewopedia and submitting your own reviews, and I recommend using them as part of your purchasing decision when applicable. However, as always, consider multiple sources.

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