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Fast Track Flips Logo
Fast Track Flips

Fast Track Flips is an educational program that caters to aspiring real estate investors from all backgrounds. Its education is based on the knowledge of Bryan and Maira Segal, two real estate investors who started flipping homes on their own. Before flipping houses, Bryan was a police officer, and Maira was a businesswoman and stay-at-home […]

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Rules of Renovation

About Rules of Renovation Rules of Renovation is the brainchild of HGTV’s Hilary Farr, co-host of the hit show Love it or List It. Hilary is internationally recognized as a house renovator and talented designer. As a co-founder of Rules of Renovation, Hilary aims to share what she’s learned from years of real estate and […]

Renovation Revenue Logo
Renovation Revenue

About Renovation Revenue Renovation Revenue is a team of real estate professionals that focuses on historic property restoration. The company, based in Utah, is founded on the tactics and strategies of Andy and Candis Meredith. Now, they have developed a system to help the average renovator bring a historic property back to life and ready […]

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Rich Dad Coaching

Any type of service that promises its users can get instantly rich without educating customers on the work involved is probably a scam. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes lots of effort, time and a solid business plan. The business model of programs like these can be beneficial depending on the customer’s style of learning, but RichDad Coaching falls short of that.

FortuneBuilders Logo
Fortune Builders

About FortuneBuilders Fortune Builders is a seminar based real estate investment education program held in the Southern California area. The program is intended to teach people basic real estate investment business – the program was founded by “nationally recognized” real estate investors. The essentials of the education are brought to you by the systems featured […]

Scott Yancey Logo
Scott Yancey

In spite of all the big promises made by the Scott Yancey brand, there is little to demonstrate that Scott Yancey is able to deliver on his promises. Look elsewhere for a solid real-estate education.

Flipping Formula Logo
Flipping Formula

About The Flipping Formula The Flipping Formula is a real estate investment and education program designed and by Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour, the hosts of A&E’s television program Flipping Boston. Through mentorship programs, seminars and access to other educational materials, it claims to educate new investors in proven methods to achieve success as real […]

Real Estate Elevated Logo
Real Estate Elevated

About Real Estate Elevated Real Estate Elevated is an educational program that caters to aspiring real estate investors from all backgrounds. Its education is based on the knowledge of Tarek and Christina El Moussa, two prominent real estate investors, whose work is frequently seen on HGTV. The program is based around a series of seminars […]

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