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Legally Mine

About Legally Mine Legally Mine is a well-established firm that has been in business for more than 10 years. It helps professionals and businesses protect their assets against lawsuits, creditors, and undue tax burdens. The firm is knowledgeable, thorough, and experienced. Legally Mine specializes in understanding the asset protection tactics and laws that are available […]

Tax Return Preparation

About Tax Return Preparation Tax return preparation is when people choose someone other than themselves to prepare their tax returns. Often, they find these people through family and friend referrals. It is critical to do due diligence when choosing preparers, as scams run rampant in this market. The client submits documents and receipts as necessary […]

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IRS Impersonation

About IRS Impersonation Scams Recently, a variety of confidence schemes and scams stemming from individuals impersonating Internal Revenue Service personnel have begun to be reported. These involve masquerading as representatives of the IRS to obtain confidential financial information or false payments. Since the IRS carries the authority of the federal government, many consumers who might […]

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