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Beezid is a penny auction site headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and launched in 2009. It requires consumers to purchase bids in bid packs and has garnered more attention since it started running TV advertisements. Some of its advertising and business practices have been called deceptive, but some Beezid users enjoy shopping on the site, saying that it is on consumers to do better research.

How Does It Work?

Beezid, like many other penny auction sites, runs auctions on a wide range of goods for a set period of time. The price of an item, say a camera, goes up by 1 cent per bid. When a customer bids on an item, the bid timer resets, and an auction ends only after no one places any follow-up bids. In many cases, items such as cameras sell for as much as 90 percent off their retail price. To ease new members into the process, Beezid has auctions for first-timers and for people yet to win. To prevent highly skilled (or rich) bidders from dominating auctions, Beezid limits how many auctions a person can win in a given time period. Users can bid manually or set up automatic bids.

Cost/Price Plans

The more a consumer pays for a bid package (Bid DNA for Beezid), the lower the per-bid price is. In the best of cases, however, one bid, or one penny, equals 55 to 90 cents, according to Beezid’s website. Twenty dollars can be gone in a matter of minutes. Beezid has a Buy It Now feature for some items, allowing users to purchase items they do not win and get their bids back. Some auctions are for items with free shipping.

Refund Policy

Consumers should not expect their Beezid bid purchases to be refunded, whether they are promotional bids, purchased bids or another type of bid. Also, once a bid expires, it cannot be refunded. However, Beezid allows auction winners to cancel a purchase in exchange for a full refund within two weeks of receiving an item or receiving notification that an item is ready. Exceptions for software and other product types do apply.

Customer Service Contact Info

The Beezid website has a comprehensive FAQ section for consumers. They can also fill out online forms to contact customer service. For billing questions, consumers can call 1-877-4-BEEZID. The mailing address is 480 Ch. de la Cote de Liesse, Suite 390, Montreal, QC, H4N 2R1, Canada.


In general, penny auction sites do not enjoy a good reputation. Proponents of such sites, however, say that consumers should do more research before bidding to ensure they fully understand the potential costs of bidding on penny auctions. Many people do enjoy Beezid because of the wide range of items it offers (it even offers cars), and the savings when a person wins an auction can be immense. Beezid is a competitive penny auction site, so it can be easy for new users to become discouraged. That is one reason why Beezid now has programs to ease newbies into the process. Many Beezid consumers also enjoy the various auction types and the different bidding features.

Common Complaints

  • Items arriving in bad shape
  • Beezid not cooperating to send a replacement or refund
  • Customer service department is often cited as being uncommunicative and slow
  • Consumers unaware of how exactly penny auctions operate and how much money they could lose

Editor’s Opinion

Calling Beezid a scam is not exactly true, although the huge majority of consumers should stay away from all penny auction sites. For consumers who are well aware of penny auction sites and who have money and research skills, Beezid offers some features such as the sniper bidding tool that other penny auctions may not have.

Final Verdict: Not Exactly a Scam, but Most People Should Stay Away