DJ SF logo_colorAbout Daymond John’s Success Formula

Daymond John’s Success Formula aims to help men and women with entrepreneurial dreams achieve their goals. Clients register for events in various cities around the United States to learn about business concept validation, customer engagement, product launches and much more. Some events are free, while others are longer and require that attendees pay for them.

How Does It Work?

Daymond John is a prolific businessman whose successes include growing FUBU into a billion-dollar company. He is also on the TV show Shark Tank. Through the Daymond John Success Formula website, interested clients can register for events in big and small cities alike. As of May 2016, each attendee receives, for free, two ebooks. Other registration incentives include giveaways for items such as iPads. Topics covered at launch academies include setting goals, mastering pitches, engaging in social networking, and choosing a marketing strategy. Tickets for these events are free, participants who want to learn more can sign up for more-extensive workshops in which they have access to Daymond John’s team.

Cost/Price Plans

Each part of the program costs more than the previous part. Participants attend a free workshop that lasts a few hours. Many go on to sign up for workshops in the following week that run three days and cost around $1,500. There are many other educational opportunities offered, which of course cost money, the amounts vary depending on the education you would like to receive.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, the Success Formula website is not transparent about a refunds policy, although the website does provide plentiful customer service contact information.

Customer Service Contact Info

Daymond John’s Success Formula is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Customers can contact customer service via email at, and by phone at 1-800-206-0429. Business contact hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST. Customers may also leave reviews of their experiences on the official website; however, the reviews policy states that customers should not use the review feature as a method for soliciting refunds.


Daymond John’s Success Formula has a sturdy reputation, although many mistake it for a former venture – The Daymond John Academy. Similarities in the name often result in the assumption that any issues with the former venture apply to this more recent venture. For many people, the experience is immensely positive. A good number who attend the free seminars and nothing more report that they learned valuable information. Others, even very recently, offer positive feedback about the workshop saying they believe the education is worth the money. It is important for customers to do their research to determine how useful events can be to them. Often, the events prove valuable for networking, as customers meet and mingle with other customers. Many customers have reported finding success after signing up for both free and paid events.

Common Complaints

Common complaints include the fact that Daymond John’s Success Formula marketing material is misleading. For example, the material may make it seem as if Daymond John is presenting. Understandably, Daymond John couldn’t possibly attend every class held. Other complaints include not putting the education into action, thus not getting real results. In addition, the website does not mention the paid events, only the free events.

Editor’s Opinion

Most people do seem to benefit greatly from what they learn at Daymond John’s Success Formula workshops. The company website and marketing materials are clear about how the process works. For example, free workshop, paid event, another paid event, etc. Of course, attending the free workshop does not obligate anyone to pay for another event. Calling Daymond John’s Success Formula a scam is not true and, like most education, you need to commit and put all your efforts into a successful business.

Final Verdict: The newest Daymond John Success Formula is NOT a scam, and will be a great option for someone who is truly invested in their business.