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doTerra is a private label company producing essential oils, essential oil blends, and several other products associated with essential oil use. Essential oils straddle the line between effective alternative health remedy and dubious scam. Many alt med watchdogs have drawn attention to the possibility of a doTerra scam. This is probably one of the companies we’re often asked about at Scam Sites.

How Does It Work?

The doTerra company is a relative newcomer to the essential oil scene and has become known for its enthusiastic following of motivated home-based salespeople. The company utilizes a multilevel marketing (MLM) structure reminiscent of traditional pyramid schemes. Each member of the sales force is incentivized to sign up new members who will also sell doTerra products. Transforming customers into salespeople is a tactic utilized by many MLM companies; the result is an oversaturation of salespeople competing for an increasingly small body of customers within any given geographic area.

The structure of doTerra is concerning, as are the claims made by salespeople that their products deliver effects not attested to in clinical literature. This is just one of the things that has made many people wary of the doTerra company, its products, and the members of its sales team.

Cost/Price Plans

Like many other MLM-style companies the retail cost of doTerra products can be hard to discover. This is because salespeople have the option of selling their products at the recommended price or at a discount. The prospect of discounts and other perks is a way of rewarding customers for returning to the same product salesperson.

Salespeople may qualify for various incentives and freebies as they meet sales quotas and other goals outlined by the company. Members pay wholesale prices for inventory and then sell to customers at sales parties or other venues.

Refund Policy

As far as refunds, doTerra offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and makes available several return options. Customers may receive complete product credit or complete refund on any unopened product returned within 30 days of purchase. Opened items that are returned within 30 days receive a 90 percent refund or a 100 percent product credit. Items returned 31–90 days that are unopened and in resalable condition receive a 90 percent refund or 100 percent product credit. Unopened, resalable items returned after 90 days receive a 90 percent refund or 90 percent product credit. Items that are opened or unsalable returned after 31 days receive no credit or refund.

Customer Service Contact Info

There are live chat services offered by doTerra on their website. The Member Services Call Center operates Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 8:00PM (MT) and Saturday 9:00AM – 2:00PM (MT). They can be reached at 800-411-8151.


Customers seeking a source of good-quality essential oils can find many needs satisfied by doTerra. doTerra essential oil products are marketed as “therapeutic quality” extracts that people can use in aromatherapy, massage therapy, and home health promotion. However, customers should certainly be aware that essential oils are not a heal-all alternative option to science-based medicine and many essential oil companies, including doTerra, have come under fire for skirting this very fact.

Common Complaints

There are several things that customer protection groups and concerned buyers have raised concerns over. These include:

  • Claims by salespeople that doTerra products can replace prescription drugs
  • Claims that doTerra products are a reasonable substitute for medical care
  • Customers being discouraged from seeking clinical advice for health concerns
  • The use of ambiguous language like “Naturally safe; purely effective” in marketing and promotional material
  • Listing effects such as “invigorating”, “anti-aging”, “protective”, and “metabolic” on blends that may not provide these results or making similar ambiguous claims

Editor’s Opinion

As an alternative medicine company, doTerra produces good-quality essential oils and essential oil blends. The opacity of products, dubious claims, pyramid-style sales tactics, and the potential promotion of essential oils over conventional medical treatment has made many people suspicious of this company and their privately labeled goods.

Final Verdict: If marketed as alternative medicine…scam. Dear lady on Facebook, oil will NOT heal your week-old pus-filled second-degree burn. See a doctor.