Fast Track Flips LogoFast Track Flips is an educational program that caters to aspiring real estate investors from all backgrounds. Its education is based on the knowledge of Bryan and Maira Segal, two real estate investors who started flipping homes on their own. Before flipping houses, Bryan was a police officer, and Maira was a businesswoman and stay-at-home mom. Fast Track Flips is based around a series of classes that shows people interested in real estate how to make a living by purchasing old, outdated properties, renovating them, and then reselling them for a profit.

How Does It Work?

Fast Track Flips is a real estate investment program that shows its students all how to buy homes and resell them for a profit. The program is the brainchild of two well-respected and highly successful real estate investors who started from scratch and learned the tricks of the trade. Fast Track Flips provides tons valuable resources and techniques that can be applied any of the Fast Track Flips students.

The class taught at Fast Track Flips are frequently held in major cities around the country. These classes are led by vetted real estate pros who know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field and have a lot of advice to give. Fast Track Flips is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

Program Costs

There are no prices on Fast Track Flips right now. The pricing depends on which course you purchase. If you want to know about pricing, feel free to contact Fast Track Flips at 800-913-0999. If you call Fast Track Flips for pricing, you will also receive extensive information about the structure of the program. Fast Track Flips also offers free seats to the first 50 people who register.

Refund Policy

With any of these real estate programs, refund policies are not always set in stone. If Fast Track Flips students have any complaints or concerns regarding Fast Track Flips, they are should contact the customer service line. These professionals can help resolve any problems, and if necessary, arrange for financial compensation.

Customer Service

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or complaints, they should call customer service at 800-913-0999. This will connect you to the customer service line.Fast Track Flips also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. However, it should be noted that this profile should not be used as customer service outlets.

Fast Track Flips Reviews and Reputation

The Fast Track Flips course is a real program, not a scam. It was founded by two real estate experts. These instructors have years of experience as both listing agents and investors, so potential students can be assured that they are getting the best education. There have been a number of positive Fast Track Flips reviews from many different students. There is some negative Fast Track Flips reviews claiming Fast Track Flips is a scam. Looking into these “scam rumors” are very questionable. These individuals claim Fast Track Flips scammed them, but their reviews of Fast Track Flips seem to be based on emotion than an actual, honest complaint. Be wary when reading Fast Track Flips Reviews claiming Fast Track Flips is a scam, many of these reviews are just trying to hurt Fast Track Flips’ reputation.

Many people have found financial success and independence using the tools and guidance provided by Fast Track Flips. As mentioned above, the program is not a “get rich quick” scheme or a scam, and the investor will be expected to do a considerable amount of work, but if done properly, there is the potential for a huge payoff. Investors also receive personal support from a multitude of real estate and finance professionals.

Common Complaints

Like any class, Fast Track Flips does have some unsatisfied customers/students. Here are a few of the most common complaints:

• Expensive program costs

These complaints can lead customers to go online and accuse Fast Track Flips of being a scam. Despite the fact that the program works very well for most everyone, of course, not everyone is destined for success in real estate. Fast Track Flips does everything it can to help every its students do well by offering resources and access to the best estate advice. Many negative Fast Track Flips reviews claim, “Fast Track Flips is a scam”. This an unfair and untruthful accusation.

Editor’s Opinion

Fast Track Flips seems to be a legitimate real estate investment program. There are no claims, but Fast Track Flips provides the necessary tools and resources real estate investors. If you are interested in “flipping” homes, consider enrolling in a Fast Track Flips course today.

Final Verdict: One of the best real estate investment course around. If you put in the work, you can be successful.