flipping formula logoAbout The Flipping Formula

The Flipping Formula is a real estate investment and education program designed and by Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour, the hosts of A&E’s television program Flipping Boston. Through mentorship programs, seminars and access to other educational materials, it claims to educate new investors in proven methods to achieve success as real estate investors. As a closed system, not much else is publicly known about those methods.

How Does It Work?

The Flipping Formula’s creators claim that these techniques are based on a mixture of sound research and predictable market factors, and that they need to be applied to assess available profitable properties in one’s area. Through a tiered program of education, mentoring, seminars and other support materials, the curriculum is designed to provide an escalating arc of training.

Reports about seminars and summits themselves indicate that there is a lot of upselling to the system, but the presence of individualized feedback and the relatively cautious claims about wealth building set this program apart from many competitors’ offerings. It does require a substantial commitment of both time and commitment to participate, but real estate is a high dollar industry and the prices represent a fraction of a single transaction in most cities.

Cost/Price Plans

Free seminars are offered in cities around the nation. Three day seminars and education center resources tend to be priced most accessibly, with individual mentorship and other services costing more. The company does not advertise specific rates openly, but it does claim to offer free trial memberships to the education center.

Refund Policy

The company affirms that it is committed to total customer satisfaction and that it works to resolve disputes in a way that is mutually beneficial, but precise refund policy reports are not stated. A variety of third-party verifications and excellence endorsements attest to their commitment to individualized solutions over blanket policies, though. Most reviews state Flipping Formula students have successfully received refunds when requested within the allotted time frame.

Customer Service Contact Info

The company maintains an easily accessible phone number for queries and concerns at (800) 680-0036. Email contact information is more difficult to locate, but the website includes information about signing up, and presumably faster-track contact information would be available after signup, as it is with most services.


The Flipping Formula has an excellent reputation in its field, and the television personalities roles as successful real estate flippers and investors helps bolster it. Numerous outside review sites have found positive things to say about their commitment to customer service and to negotiation with individual clients, and the advice provided is couched in realistic expectations about growth and about property rehabilitation, not get-rich-quick hype and expectation-selling, which are hallmarks of the industry’s less reputable operators.

Individual assessments of the program highlight the fact that many seminars include visits to works in progress and discussions about their overall timeline, but some also highlight high pressure sales tactics employed at the more basic levels. Overall, The Flipping Formula enjoys a stellar reputation in an industry where it is often difficult to build one.

Common Complaints

  • Not an immediate return*

*The most commonly voiced complaints have to do with the return on investment, with individuals claiming to have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the program without receiving their return right away. It is notable that these allegations are usually pseudonymous or anonymous, and also that many of the positive individual reviews contradict these claims about both pricing and the quality of information provided.

Editor’s Opinion

There is no visible Flipping Formula scam at play in this company’s offerings. In fact, in an industry built on hype and expectations, their advice shows more restraint than most. While it is sometimes overly sunny, it avoids making outsized claims and emphasizes that the mastery of techniques and strategies is essential to success, both of which are good signs in any training or education program.

Final Verdict: A solid choice for real estate training.