About Legally Mine

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Legally Mine is a well-established firm that has been in business for more than 10 years. It helps professionals and businesses protect their assets against lawsuits, creditors, and undue tax burdens. The firm is knowledgeable, thorough, and experienced.

Legally Mine specializes in understanding the asset protection tactics and laws that are available in each state, which other types of law firms may not be aware of.

The mission of Legally mine is to give businesspeople, dental professionals, and physicians products and services that help them protect the assets they have earned, and get through lawsuits and other financial problems.

How Does It Work?

Many Legally Mine reviews that we read over were from satisfied customers who went to a seminar presented by the firm. But whether they join from a seminar or through personal consultation, customers sign up for products and services that will help them legally protect their assets. 

In an initial consultation—which can be conducted with you remotely—Legally Mine reviews your particular financial situation. They also set your expectations for working with them. 

Then, after careful analysis, they send you a customized plan to:

  • Protect your assets
  • Lower your taxes
  • Better structure your estate
  • Whatever combination of these you need

For example, your plan might include: 

  • Moving the ownership of certain assets to corporate entities
  • Updating the titles to your property
  • Creating procedures and contracts to protect your business
  • Separating certain assets from each other
  • Taking advantage of a homestead tax exemption
  • Buying adequate liability insurance

Next, they’ll help you to start using those ideas. They can also help you to change your plan if your situation changes later. In fact, many customers are able to consult with a Legally Mine attorney as much as they need to without any additional fees.


Legally Mine offers different price levels and many different packages of services and products. Some customers sign up for a monthly charge of around $150 per month, whereas others enter a contract to pay thousands of dollars. There are deals for each type of customer. 

Legally Mine staff members pride themselves on offering low and fair prices while giving personalized service. Their fees also go toward helping customers start to implement strategies, rather than being a charge just to sign up.

Some customers have even found that they quickly start to benefit from tax savings that are greater than the cost of the program. 

Refund Policy

Legally Mine guarantees the satisfaction of their customers. They give full refunds to customers who are not using their services or who need to back out for another reason. 

Each customer’s contract will, of course, include a refund policy. If you are going to sign a contract with the company, you should carefully read it first, perhaps even reviewing it with your own attorney.

If you have any doubts about using Legally Mine’s services, you should thoroughly review the refund procedure and any related stipulations. Legally Mine contracts specify a refund procedure that customers are required to follow.

Legally Mine has a known history of granting refunds to customers who are dissatisfied or who have run into life situations that make them unable to continue payments.

Customer Service

Legally Mine has a track record of providing excellent customer service. Their satisfied customers have found them to be very responsive both on the phone and through email. Employees answer customers’ questions knowledgeably and quickly.

Staff members at Legally mine thoroughly explain necessary documents that could otherwise be confusing to customers and help them understand new ideas. 

You can call the firm at (855) 361-2686. Email them at info@legallymineusa.com. Their website is LegallyMineUSA.com.

Reviews and Reputation

Legally Mine has amassed many positive reviews from happy customers over their 10-year history. Because they provide a legitimate service, there are satisfied physicians, business owners, and dentists who can recommend the firm. 

Since some transactions with Legally Mine involve fees of thousands of dollars, there are customers who complain about them. It’s easy to be afraid and stressed when large amounts of money are involved. It’s easy to even file inaccurate complaints.

Other customers may even complain because the services are intangible. They can’t always see immediate results, even though the services were performed correctly and expertly. 

However, dozens of positive reviews show that the customers who understand and appreciate Legally Mine’s services are happy to work with them for many years.

Common Complaints

Many of the common complaints against Legally Mine involve disputes over cancellations and refunds. Legally Mine frequently resolves these by granting refunds. 

The instances in which complaints continue are often caused by customers who chose to act in frustrating ways and to escalate the situation beyond what was necessary or fair. 

For example, a customer reported that he didn’t receive a promised phone call from Legally Mine, but Legally Mine found in their records that they had called him on the agreed-upon date but had been sent to voicemail.

Another typical instance is a customer who barely started the refund procedure, didn’t complete it, and immediately complained to an outside agency instead of finishing the process. 


Legally Mine always follows proper procedures to stay within the law. They resolve these complaints, even if other parties sometimes refuse to do their part to end their contract amicably. 

Editor’s Opinion

Legally Mine provides quality services at fair prices to professionals and businesses who can use them. They can protect the assets of a company or individual, as well as helping customers reduce their tax burden.

With any high-ticket service, there are customers who complain and unfairly file scam reports. But the idea of a Legally Mine scam is not in the company’s nature. They have a history of giving appropriate refunds and great services.

Final verdict: Legally Mine is a safe and reputable company to do business with. If you have assets to protect, the firm is worth talking to and checking out thoroughly.