Melaleuca is an online catalog and wellness retailer. This online shopping club provides “world-class” wellness products, supplements, nutrients and functional foods. They also provide environmentally friendly home-cleaning products.


How it Works

Melaleuca is a multi-level marketing organization.

Melaleuca catches vendors with offers of a step-by-step plan to reduce debt and increase monthly income (by selling these products to your friends). They offer all of this, which will undoubtedly increase your quality of life.

Reeling you in with this fluff gets the consumer to sign up for a membership, where you get a monthly customizable package.

None of this information is available on the website. When directed to become a member, the website directs you back to the person who referred you to Melaleuca.

You can only join directly through a representative, making you their customer. You then can become a representative yourself and start building residual income by signing up other people under your name. Once those people join and buy, they become customers and the cycle goes on. This is multilevel marketing if you haven’t caught onto that, yet members will deny this to the end instead disguising it as, “consumer direct market.”

Cost/Price Plans

The website has no direct information about the membership price. Instead they highlight membership benefits, like discounted products, loyalty shopping dollars and free copies of the Melaleuca Country Catalog.

You can access the price list of the products online which includes market price, preferred customer price and the points you earn with each purchase.

Refund Policy

Melaleuca provides a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” which states if you are not completely satisfied with any product, you can return it within 60 days of purchase (along with purchase receipt) for full exchange, refund or credit (less shipping and handling).

Their refund policy is outlined pretty extensively in their Help Center on the website, which provides some confidence in the company.

Customer Service Contact Info

The list of customer service numbers is pretty extensive, they also offer live chat. To enroll customers; 1-800-262-0600, to place orders and general questions; 1-800-282-3000. Corporate headquarters are located in Idaho Falls, ID – but they have offices located all over the world.


The products seem to be well received by customers. Great selections, eco-friendly, decent comp plans, healthy and seemingly reliable because of the longevity of the company. As far as being able to cancel or freeze your membership, they have a bad rap. I have come across numerous complaints about customer service giving you the run around when trying to cancel or downgrade membership.

Common Complaints

  • overpriced
  • hard to cancel
  • poor communication with customer service
  • never receiving product
  • don’t want to commit to membership
  • harassing emails
  • billing issues

Editor’s Opinion

Melaleuca is not necessarily a scam, however it does work off the MLM structure. They reel you in with the awesome products, which seem to stand by their reputation, but once you no longer want to pay the membership it seems cancelling isn’t really an option.

Anything that automatically renews and charges your card each month is something to be wary about. I suggest being aware of cancellation policies and  exactly what you are getting with each charge before committing to something of this nature.

Final Verdict: Melaleuca is not a scam. It does, however, fall victim to many of the pitfalls of the MLM business model.