RRLogoAbout Renovation Revenue

Renovation Revenue is a team of real estate professionals that focuses on historic property restoration. The company, based in Utah, is founded on the tactics and strategies of Andy and Candis Meredith. Now, they have developed a system to help the average renovator bring a historic property back to life and ready for sale. Find out if you need to worry about a Renovation Revenue scam.

How Does It Work?

Renovation Revenue’s website features an attractive layout and an informative blog based on the Meredith family’s experiences as home renovators. The couple is even featured on a popular reality show called Old Home Love that is broadcast from the DIY network. Their primary focus on the real estate business are related to purchasing dilapidated properties, fixing them up and then offering them for sale for a profit. The website claims that by attending educational courses and learning from one of their coaches, you can begin to make big profits on your own time.

Cost/Price Plans

There is not a lot of information regarding cost of tuition or specific seminars related to Renovation Revenue. It appears you must first attend a free class, which are followed up with offerings of more education, at a cost that is not disclosed on the website. Companies like these may require you to get a personal quote for their services and mentoring instead of listing pricing plans for public view. The website seems to only provide access to materials and information for paying members.

Refund Policy

Since seminar pricing isn’t easily found, it’s also difficult to find out if you can get a refund for the services that are provided. Customers who aren’t happy with the services should definitely address the refund policy extensively before making a purchase for education. It’s important to ask questions about what to do if there’s a problem, so your investment amount is covered.

Customer Service Contact Info

For questions about Renovation Revenue’s specific business practices, you may need to email them at info@renovationrevenue.com.


Andy and Candis Meredith, the celebrity couple behind these strategies, seem to have a good reputation in the business of home restoration. Their television show is relatively new, so it hasn’t developed a huge following as of yet. Being on national television has put them in the spotlight for now and has promoted some of their other business dealings. They’ve also enjoyed having events attended by other fellow celebrities. Their primary focus that is their own home renovation company of Renovation Revenue has a solid reputation, however, it is a fairly new organization. Unfortunately, many people tend to complain about the cost of seminars and education related to real estate and the promised level of reaching success.

Common Complaints

  • Not an immediate return*

*This isn’t even a real complaint. This is laziness. But I thought you deserved a fair perspective.

Editor’s Opinion

Students seems to be dissatisfied when they are not profitable after receiving the education. As with any education or seminar, students must apply what they learn and really commit in order to reap the benefits. Renovation Revenue is not a scam, students will definitely be able to gain what they put into the program.

Final Verdict: Put in the work required and this will be a great choice for real estate training.