reviewopedia-logo-NewAbout Reviewopedia

Reviewopedia is a website that allows users to write various reviews about businesses, products or other services offered for sale. One of the big focuses that Reviewopedia showcases is a large selection of online business opportunity reviews. The reviews on the site are provided by average Internet users.


How Does It Work?

The users on Reviewopedia’s website simply must sign up for a free account in order to start submitting reviews. Then, they write a review for the product, service or company of their choice and wait for it to be posted onto the website. Reviews can also have additional comments posted along with them, such as rebuttals from other members or responses from the organization that was originally being reviewed. Reviewopedia also publishes a series of articles related to working at home and other online services. Additionally, they have a blog that details different online work opportunities. By navigating to the blog or article section of the website, you can even find job listings to some specific remote opportunities for making money online.

Cost/Price Plans

It doesn’t cost anything to join Reviewopedia’s large member database. It’s also free to write and submit reviews about different companies and product categories. Reading information about different organizations doesn’t requirement payment either on this site. There are advertisements on the site for various companies, however, but there is no requirement to click on ads during your visit.

Refund Policy

Because there isn’t an actual thing to purchase, there is no clear refund policy. Reviewopedia is in the business of dealing with information, so you may find much more advertising on their site. Websites that don’t specifically sell a product to the general public must use marketing and advertising revenue in order to stay in operation.

Customer Service Contact Info

If you have questions regarding your account with Reviewopedia, you may find some trouble getting an updated phone number or address. Their contact information link on their website is not working, but if you click around you can find an old link from 2010 directing users to email someone named Steve for information about account access.


Reviewopedia’s online reputation for honest reviews is somewhat mixed. For an organization with a huge member base, this is typical. There is some information online that connects Reviewopedia with offering companies paid positive reviews, which could make their business model profitable. Unfortunately, this is somewhat standard in the industry. Other sites detail Reviewopedia’s reputation as pretty solid and even helpful when users are trying to find legit ways to earn money online. The good news is that there aren’t issues about payment problems, since the use of the site is completely free.

Common Complaints

  • Positive reviews deleted or changed
  • Being a member is a waste of time
  • Site created to sell stay-at-home courses – not really dedicated to reviews
  • Site owner difficult to contact – contact page is hard to find and the owner’s inbox is full

Editor’s Opinion

While Reviewopedia was originally created to sell work-from-home courses and job opportunities, the site has been taken over by businesses from different industries as well. You have nothing to lose by signing up for Reviewopedia and submitting your own reviews, and I recommend using them as part of your purchasing decision when applicable. However, as always, consider multiple sources.

Final Verdict: Not a scam, although the site was originally created to promote work-from-home courses.