rich-dad-logo-NewAbout Rich Dad Coaching

Rich Dad Coaching is an organization based on the elements of building wealth that are detailed in the nonfiction bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. The book reached peak levels of success back in 1997 when it was published. Some people may be wondering if the Rich Dad Coaching scam is something to worry about before putting money into any of these products.

How Does It Work?

Rich Dad Coaching takes some of the principles from Kiyosaki’s book and turns them into specific products and courses for those trying to achieve financial freedom. The company provides a coaching service that gives potential entrepreneurs guidance in the business of making money. Interested customers first either call or sign up with the Rich Dad Coaching website. Then, they get one of the company sales representatives to call them back and give them more information about how their system works. They typically offer packages that give you a personal wealth coach who promises to help you become a master at achieving passive income. Additionally, they offer different specializations depending on your interests and background in industries such as real estate, stock market investing and other opportunities.

Cost/Price Plans

Finding specific pricing plans can be difficult for this type of service because the cost varies. Be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for your own personal coach. In some cases, it’s not very clear exactly how much you get when you purchase one of their coaching packages. It’s also not clear how experienced or skilled some of the coaches are, as they aren’t featured on the website.

Refund Policy

There is no clear refund policy for Rich Dad Coaching that is listed on their website. It seems that some customers who have tried to get a refund for their package have had a lot of trouble proceeding. For some of their subscription packages, a few customers have had a bit of success getting refunds.

Customer Service Contact Info

Potential investors or customers who want to find out more can contact the Rich Dad Coaching customer service team at (800) 240-0434 extension 5256. You can also try contacting them on Facebook to communicate your concerns.


Rich Dad Coaching does not have a great reputation online. With a website that has very little information unless you pay and a high startup cost, this raises suspicions. Even though Kiyosaki is a successful author, some reviews of his book bring up worrisome advice that is offered. There are also many errors in facts that the author gets wrong when dishing out wealth guidance. Despite some of the criticisms, Kiyosaki’s name is tied to success, and he continues to use his book brand to recruit possible new investors and entrepreneurs.

Common Complaints

  • High cost of education
  • Underqualified coaches

Editor’s Opinion

Any type of service that promises its users can get instantly rich without educating customers on the work involved is probably a scam. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes lots of effort, time and a solid business plan. The business model of programs like these can be beneficial depending on the customer’s style of learning, but RichDad Coaching falls short of that.

Final Verdict: As one of the poorest executors of this particular business model, RichDad Coaching disappoints.