ripoff report logoAbout Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report is a website that claims to advocate for consumers who have been scammed or harmed by various businesses. The site allows individuals to post their negative reviews online, and even claims that each review will be seen by millions of search engine users. Read the information below to learn more about how the Ripoff Report scam has impacted thousands of businesses.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, Ripoff Report claims to be a leading consumer advocacy site. It even claims that it is capable of connecting its reviewers with major media outlets around the world and that it even works directly with high-powered government agencies. Any individual over the age of 14 is allowed to post a review of a business or service provider.

The reviews provided on this site do not have to be honest or accurate. As a matter of fact, the site openly acknowledges that it does not care to review the postings for legitimacy. The company also refuses to remove any reviews, even if they are proven to be false. For this reason, Ripoff Report has become a breeding ground for unfair and untrue reviews of companies and individuals.

Costs/Price Plans

The Ripoff Report program claims to help businesses who have been unfairly reported against on the internet. It claims to offer a variety of services that include reputation monitoring, remediation, and reputation repair. Costs are determined on a sliding scale and vary based on the services one chooses to purchase. For this reason, individuals are encouraged to email to company directly for pricing details.

Refund Policy

As to be expected from a company of this nature, Ripoff Report does not provide information regarding refunds. It only lists several testimonies from “satisfied customers” as proof of its effectiveness. However, the site does claim that if a company wants to sign up for its services, but cannot afford them, Ripoff Report will find a way to help anyway.

Customer Service Contact Info

Unfortunately, the site does not list a customer service number, so program enrollees will not be able to contact the company directly. Instead, it offers a generic email address that claims to put customers in contact with an “editor” if they have any questions regarding the program or company in general. For a company that claims to care so much about customers, why is there no way to contact the company directly?


After researching Ripoff Report, one can easily see why the site and the program are so controversial. The site refuses to remove false reports, claiming that to do so would violate the first amendment rights of its members. This has led the site to become ground zero for revenge-obsessed and spiteful individuals who simply want to destroy the reputations of good people and companies. It has become the target of thousands of lawsuits since its inception in 1998.

There has been a myriad of claims filed against Ripoff Report and its founder as well. In an age where consumers frequently turn to the internet to read about businesses, Ripoff Report engages in very questionable behaviors. Due to the fact that it does not verify the authenticity of its reviews or reviewers, the information posted on the site is largely unreliable.

Common Complaints

The site does not post complaints about its paid programs, but there are plenty of complaints about Ripoff Report itself from around the web, such as:

• The company refuses to remove false reviews.
• Anyone can join the site, even if they have not done business with the company they are reviewing.
• The site has put many good, hardworking individuals out of business due to false reviews.

Editor’s Opinion

In short, I would avoid joining Ripoff Report completely. Its paid services only serve to undo the damage that they are responsible for in the first place. The majority of reviews on this site are biased and untruthful. If you wish to read accurate and honest reviews, please visit a more reliable consumer advocacy site or simply talk to individuals who have done business with the company already.

Final Verdict: Ripoff Report is, in this author’s opinion, an extortion scam.