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About Success Path

Success Path is an educational program that caters to aspiring real estate investors from all backgrounds. Its education is based on the knowledge of Tarek and Christina El Moussa, two prominent real estate investors, whose work is frequently seen on HGTV. The program is based around a series of seminars that show investors how to earn money by purchasing old, outdated properties, renovating, and then reselling them for a profit.

How Does It Work?

Success Path is a real estate investment program that shows investors of all levels how to purchase homes and resell them for a substantial profit. The program is the brainchild of two well-respected and highly successful real estate investors whose work can be seen on channels such as HGTV. Success Path provides a plethora of valuable resources and techniques that can be applied by investors, regardless of education or income level.

The information is presented through seminars that are frequently held in major cities around the country. These seminars are led by trusted real estate professionals who are considered to be experts in their chosen field. There are no crazy gimmicks and no “get rich quick” schemes, just basic, common-sense investment advice to help individuals “flip” properties on their own.

Program Costs

The Success Path website does not list prices at this time due to the fact that prices vary from individual to individual, depending on what program is purchased. When individuals contact the company about pricing, they will also receive extensive information regarding the structure of the program. Success Path also offers free seminar seats to the first 50 customers who register.

Refund Policy

As with any real estate investment program, refund policies are not always uniform. If individuals have any complaints or concerns regarding Success Path, they are encouraged to contact the professionals via a customer service line. These professionals can help resolve any problems, and if necessary, arrange for financial compensation. Each customer service professional is trained to be knowledgeable as well as compassionate.

Customer Service

If customers or aspiring real estate investors have any questions, concerns, or complaints, they are encouraged to call 800-203-1274. This is the number to the customer service line, and it seems to be toll-free. The company prefers to speak to individuals in person, so there is no email address provided at this time. This verbal communication helps the company better understand what its customers are experiencing.

Success Path also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. However, it is not recommended that these be used as customer service outlets.

Success Path Reviews and Reputation

The Success Path program is a real program, not a scam, that was established by two leading real estate experts. These experts have extensive experience as both listing agents and investors, so customers can be sure that they are getting only the best advice. There have also been a significant number of positive Success Path reviews from a variety of seminar participants and program users. There are negative Success Path reviews claiming Success Path is a scam. Upon further investigation, these “scam rumors” seem to be unsubstantiated. These people claim Success Path scammed them, but their reviews of Success Path seem to be more of an attack than an actual, honest complaint. Be wary when reading Success Path Reviews claiming Success Path is a scam, many of them are just efforts to damage Success Path’s reputation.

Many people have found financial success and independence using the tools and guidance provided by Success Path. As mentioned above, the program is not a “get rich quick” scheme, or a scam, and the investor will be expected to do a considerable amount of work, but if done properly, there is the potential for a huge payoff. Investors also receive personal support from a multitude of real estate and finance professionals.

Common Complaints

Like any program, Success Path does have its share of unsatisfied customers. Here are a few of the most common complaints:

• Celebrities unavailable to attend
• Expensive program costs

These complaints lead people to go online and accuse Success Path of being a scam. Despite the fact that the program works wonderfully for many individuals, not everyone will have success in the real estate investment field. Success Path does its best to help every individual succeed by offering expertly-crafted resources and access to world-class real estate advice. Many negative Success Path reviews claim, “Success Path is a scam”. This an unfair and untruthful accusation.

Editor’s Opinion

Overall, Success Path seems to be a very legitimate investment program. It makes no claims, but it does provide an unrivaled set of tools and resources for aspiring investors to take advantage of; Success Path reviews speak to this point. Success Path is not a scam. A scam is when you get nothing for something. At Success Path, you gain valuable information that can be used to flip houses. If you are interested in “flipping” homes on your own, try enrolling in a Success Path seminar today.

Final Verdict: An excellent choice for hands-on real-estate education IF you’re willing to put in the work.