9995578_origAbout Young Living

Young Living is an Essential Oil line developed by D. Gary Young, their focus of distribution is a multi-level marketing program. Young Living is said to be the world leader in cultivation, distillation, and production of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and aromatherapy oils.

How it Works

Like most multi-level marketing companies the only way to join is directly through your friend who joined through their friend etc. Once membership is established, you need to purchase its minimum product package “starter pack,” which will then allow you to sell products and a membership to your friends.

The opportunity for selling and growth is huge, but the compensation plan is a bit complicated. Member support is mainly focused on seminars and retreats—basically paying more money for more information about distributing your product.

Cost/Price Plans

Basic start packs start as low at $40 and go up to $160. A full list of products with retail and wholesale prices can be found on their website.

Refund Policy

The Young Living refund policy can be found in their Policies and Procedures handbook, section 11, which is available online. They are very specific in that they reserve the right to review and approve each return, so refunds are not guaranteed.

Customer Service

Customers/members who would like to contact Customer Service with any question, concerns or complaints can do so by phone at 1-800-371-3515. A full contact list and customer support list can be found on their website.


Young Living has been around for 20+ years, so they must be doing something right. Their reputation is pretty upstanding considering the amount of sales and growth they have had over the years. They have a strong sense of community, starter kits at low costs, lots of training events to attend and rewards which seem to have a reputable follow through.

Common Complaints

Editor’s Opinion

As with most MLM companies, if you are passionate about the product and work hard, you could very well be successful. However, there is no promise of extensive compensation without extensive work. If you prefer to to buy one thing instead, I would recommend doing just that. But be warned that essential oils are NOT a replacement for medicine and proper health procedures.

Final Verdict: Essential oils can be quite therapeutic. However, if anyone tries to convince you that they’re a great alternative to science-based medicine, you’re being SCAMMED.