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Calling Beezid a scam is not exactly true, although the huge majority of consumers should stay away from all penny auction sites. For consumers who are well aware of penny auction sites and who have money and research skills, Beezid offers some features such as the sniper bidding tool that other penny auctions may not have.

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Buying on eBay is relatively safe, although customers should watch out for scams that include piracy; it is not always apparent an item is pirated, and when it stops working months later, customers may be out of many options. It is with selling that more risk comes in, but still, only a relatively small amount of total purchases on eBay get flagged. Sellers should avoid selling more-expensive items until they get more experience; insurance is also an option.

Craigslist Logo

If you are looking to do business on Craigslist, there are a lot of features to recommend it. This is especially true for local real estate and automotive sales, and for those looking for a bargain on local used goods. It is not recommended as an ecommerce platform, though, and attempting to use it as one will likely leave a consumer open to the kinds of fraud highlighted here.

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